Resilient young brains — Head/Traumatic Brain Injury


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Revealing the return journey 1812–1815 by ROGER STEWART & MARION WHITEHEAD

The English naturalist William Burchell set off from Cape Town in June 1811 to explore the flora and fauna of the vast southern African interior. Over a four-year period, and travelling in a custom-built ox wagon, he amassed an astonishing 63000 specimens of plants, bulbs, insects, reptiles and mammals – many not previously documented for science – and produced more than 500 paintings and illustrations.

While the outbound trek is well described in Burchell’s famous Travels in the Interior of Southern Africa, the challenges and discoveries made on his return journey to Cape Town, from 1812–1815 have not been described. In Burchell’s African Odyssey, authors Roger Stewart and Marion Whitehead embark on a similarly daunting task – to reveal the homeward leg of Burchell’s epic trek from the southern Kalahari via the Karoo and southern coastal belt…

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My/our story 

Diplomat: Eject Russia things go back to normal

“We learn hope in the valleys and humility on the mountain-tops”

YOU can be a Champion of Hope (to others)

It’s not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.’


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Creative Kiwis Audiobooks — BooKs by cRaig loCk

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Creative Kiwis Audiobooks — BooKs by cRaig loCk

Creative Kiwis “International Marketing Manager”

(and “the world’s fourth worst writer”)

‘Write, create, innovate’

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Here was a light behind the despair…

Another E-book on (from) Creative Kiwis

Creative Kiwis: "Write, Create, Innovate"

Bill’s working hard on my first five (or so) books from 1993… this one is my first novel (“faction”) and the start of the South African books journey

All proceeds go to alocal charity (worthy and needy)– Bill and I


Some proceeds go to the elderly, needy, infirm and challenged (by “the necessities of daily living”) – ME!

Shared by the “International Marketing Manager”

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Originally posted on Sharing some Information and Thoughts on Head and Brain Injury: Neuroplasticity can be viewed as a general umbrella term that refers to?the brain’s ability to modify, change, and adapt both structure and function throughout life and in response to experience. and Neuroplasticity, also known as neural plasticity, or brain plasticity, is…

Neuroplasticity — Head/Traumatic Brain Injury: How to LIVE with it

Shining a light of hope in the darkest corners

Helping promote better understanding and awareness of what is often termed “The Silent Epidemic” (and/or “The Hidden Handicap”)

“Inform, educate, uplift and (perhaps even) inspire”

Share, encourage, uplift and help spread hope, love and light

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